When Will You Get Your Check to Help With Inflation?

After being in a battle for the majority of the previous few weeks, the New York Yankees finally seemed to be heading in the right path.

With Giancarlo Stanton's return and Aaron Judge's return to form, the team is currently enjoying a five-game winning streak.

But the good news came to an end on Saturday night.

Aroldis Chapman, a prominent pitcher, will transfer to the IL, according to a report from Jack Curry of YES.

Even worse, it's not even the scariest part of the story.

Curry asserts that Chapman is travelling to Illinois because of a leg condition caused by getting a tattoo.

One fan of the Yankees yelled, "ARE WE FOR REAL???" The first time I'll ever laugh at an IL stint, another admirer said.

"Man, one guy is thrown on the IL for having a tattoo, and another person tests positive for narcotics because of his hairstyle.