The Lakers’ owner unconsciously confirms Russell Westbrook’s exit

There are times when what you don’t say is more important than what you do. Unfortunately, the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers Jeanie Buss may have been one of those people.

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In order to upgrade their roster in time for the season, the Los Angeles Lakers never stop looking. Due to their limited salary cap space, they had to part ways with Talen Horton-Tucker, a good asset, in order to sign Patrick Beverley.

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The Lakers have attempted to part ways with Russell Westbrook for months, but no teams have expressed interest in taking on his hefty contract. Additionally, it is unlikely that any team will want to sign him because of their unwillingness to provide a few selections picks in his contract.

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Because of this, even though he is still on the roster, it appears that the Lakers have just made the decision to release him. In their plans for the upcoming season, team owner Jeanie Buss didn’t even bring him up.

Russell Westbrook is not mentioned by Jeanie Buss while talking about the future of the Lakers


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Buss told GQ, “That’s a fresh voice because we changed coaches. “And we’re still going, hopefully without any injuries. Anthony Davis needs to play continuously and stay healthy the entire campaign. And there are lots of wonderful things that may occur when Anthony and LeBron are together.”

Buss continued, “But you need a supporting cast of players who can fill responsibilities and remain injury-free. “Kendrick Nunn is returning after missing last season, and there are several young players who… I can mention names, but until we see how they perform, there really isn’t much we can do. Instead, we need to give Darvin Ham the time and resources he requires to assemble the team and monitor their progress.”

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If the Lakers are unable to locate Westbrook a trading partner, they may consider sending him home, much like the Houston Rockets did with John Wall. Whatever the case, it appears that he may have already played his final game for the Laker.

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