“Dobaaraa Doesn’t Undermine The Intelligence Of The Audience”

Taapsee Pannu delivered a statement of gratitude to the film’s creators the evening before Dobaaraa’s release. The Hindi remake of the Spanish thriller Mirage called Dobaaraa. does not diminish the audience’s intelligence, according to Taapsee Pannu. “Some films are defined just by their Box Office collections, Some films are measured solely by their scale, And then there are some that acquire so much love that they go on to become cult films,” the actress wrote in the note she published. Dobara will be released in theatres with the intention of giving viewers a fresh and unique experience that doesn’t undervalue their intelligence. Something that eventually turns into a cult movie, We are awestruck and honored by the reception we have received.

She attached the note with the description, which read: “The overwhelming support we are receiving from our pre-release screenings has made us realize how much we miss the excitement of making a quality movie without having to worry about box office success. Here is a message from the filmmakers who had the guts to support a movie like Dobaaraa and ensure that it opens in theatres, a movie that respects the audience’s intelligence. Regardless of the film’s box office performance, we will be pleased that we were able to create it in a time when staying safe is the only way to survive. We are confident in the movie we produced, so please give us a chance.”



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