Why does no one drink pig's milk?

Encyclopedia Britannica calls pigs mammals. Pigs can be milked. On Pasture got a document from the Illinois Pork Producers Association that says pig milk includes 8.5% fat, more than cow milk's 3.5%.

Erik Stegink, a Dutch farmer, turned it into cheese. His pig cheese is saltier and creamier than cow cheese, he told Vice

We've lived with pigs for millennia, therefore pig-based dairy products may be problematic.

Pigs don't like being milked, thus pig milk hasn't swept the U.S. Edward Lee told Modern Farmer that pigs weren't domesticated for dairy. Domesticated cows are highly docile

Even if you come close, obtaining enough pig milk to profit would be hard. The Illinois Pork Producers Association said pigs had 14 teats, 10 more than cows. This complicates milk-extraction

 It's not easy to milk 14 teats. When you consider that pigs only produce 13 pounds of milk a day and cows can produce 65, it's clear which animal is worth milking.