Which item is McDonald's top seller?

Fast food is ruled by McDonald's. No rival fast-food restaurant has completely ousted McDonald's. McDonald's needs to use creativity while still offering Big Macs, cheeseburgers, etc

fried chicken nuggets and french fries. All are enduring favourites and top sellers at McDonald's.

Nobody knew where McDonald's would end up. Richard and Maurice McDonald founded it in 1940. San Bernardino, California's modest hamburger establishment fared well early on.

The Speedee Service System at the restaurant uses assembly-line principles. The McDonald brothers were able to move more quickly, pleasing customers. At the time, hamburgers were McDonald's top seller.

Ray Kroc claimed that when he joined McDonald's, "Wow! Fries are ten cents, milkshakes twenty cents, and hamburgers fifteen cents. I said, "That's mine," in response to the menu." True.

In 1954, while working as a salesman for Prince Castle, Ray Kroc went to McDonald's. He appreciated McDonald's San Bernardino's business model and sold eight Multi-Mixers to them.


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