The strange effects of avocados adverse effects of avocados

Everyone is aware of the health benefits of the buttery fruit, and you've probably heard that millennials are wrecking the property market because of avocados.

Few people are aware that one avocado costs significantly more than the additional $1.50 for guacamole.

Avocados contribute to gang and drug violence, climate change, and habitat damage. View the unexpected and frightful effects of your favourite breakfast item.

Avocados are imported because neither North America nor the UK can grow them. The effect increases with the distance a meal is from its source.

many components for industry. First, the energy, water, fertiliser, and pesticides used to grow avocados have an influence on the environment.

Avocados require a lot of water, which exacerbates the droughts and heatwaves in Mexico and California, makes it more difficult to grow the fruit, encourages more deforestation to farm it, etc.


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