the reason NYC is suing Starbucks

For both positive and bad causes, Starbucks has recently garnered headlines. News organisations have reported the return of popular drinks like Starbucks' PSL.

The coffee company has been in the spotlight for more severe incidents, like as a walkout at one of its locations last month following reports that a union representative had been fired.

The National Labor Relations Board allegedly charged Starbucks for violating the NLRA in May, according to CNBC.

Starbucks is accused of retaliating against unionised stores in response to attempts by Starbucks employees worldwide to form unions.

Starbucks asserts that Locke was fired for failing to submit a daily COVID symptom report and vows to "sue against the purported infraction" of the Fair Workweek legislation.

Locke was a union organiser, he claims. "Union retribution," he said. Starbucks has a history of wrongful firings and union harassment.


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