The best Tom Cruise movie will soon be accessible on Netflix.

Tom Cruise is working harder than you would expect from a 60-year-old performer.

Despite the various changes in Hollywood that Cruise must have seen over the years, he has managed to endure.

Before the majority of his fan following was even born, he was a leading man.

Even though Tom Cruise is currently at a career high thanks to the massive box office success and great accolades of Top Gun: Maverick, his best film is only now making its way to Netflix.

Tom Cruise played a casually lethal assassin in the 2004 Michael Mann neo-noir movie Collateral, while Jamie Foxx played a moderately ambitious cab driver.

Even though it may not be one of Tom Cruise's most well-known movies, it features him more than almost any other movie and will undoubtedly draw in more viewers when it debuts on Netflix on September 1.