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Starbucks makes changes to its beverage manufacturing

After many locations attempted to unionise, Starbucks is evaluating its business practises.  

Starbucks locations now demand overalls following a thorough examination into employee complaints.

Starbucks aims to produce Frappuccinos more quickly and effectively. The existing process is cumbersome.

For employees preparing Frappuccinos under a client rush, this may be frustrating.

Natarajan Venkatakrishnan, the head of Starbucks' workplace testing centre, has noticed this and is looking for a fix.

Venkatakrishnan is organising barista training and upgrading outdated equipment.

Numerous Starbucks stores need remodelling. Which stores need the change is decided by Katie Young, the company's SVP of global growth and development.

Since interim CEO Howard Schultz's return, the company has placed a focus on finding solutions. Attempts at unionisation didn't take place in a vacuum.


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