NFL club may move shortly, according to a report

The Chicago Bears have called Soldier Field their home for 50 years. Their lengthy stay in Chicago could soon come to an end.

The Bears are getting ready to leave Soldier Field, according to Brad Biggs of The Chicago Tribune. According to Biggs, it's a matter of "if," not "when," and that may occur this season.

"When, not if," said Biggs. "When it first opened in 2003, Soldier Field wasn't a great stadium. They wish to speak about themselves. Not immediately."

Bears claim to have left Soldier Field. A new stadium's site is also being purchased by the club. Since 1971, Soldier Field has been the home of the Chicago Bears; however, it was shut down for renovation.

Almost all of Chicago's professional and semi-pro football teams have played at the stadium over the past 100 years. Soccer matches are also played at the stadium.

There have been matches between the USMNT, USWNT, and others. Soldier Field hosts Chicago Fire games. The Bears will they leave Soldier Field?


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