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MLB News Affects Tony La Russa

It was revealed on Wednesday that Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa has been sidelined indefinitely due to health difficulties.

To determine what is wrong with La Russa, we must do additional tests. Miguel Cairo, the White Sox bench coach, will serve as the team's manager while La Rusa is away.

"We will have him [La Russa] in our thoughts, and we hope everything is okay," Cairo was cited by ESPN as saying.

Even if it meant better health for the manager, La Russa's permanent departure from the White Sox would be preferred by sports fans.

In October, LaRussa will turn 78. He should finally retire. The White Sox are lying about La Russa, according to conspiracy theories.

Before 2021, La Russa took over as White Sox manager. The White Sox are 63-66 going into Wednesday's game against the Royals; last year, his team advanced to the ALDS.


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