McDonald's drive-thru only offers drinks, which attracts criticism.

When ordering at a McDonald's in Fort Pierce, Florida on TikTok, TikToker Kaleb (@dubb772) was informed that they only sold beverages.

To record the dialogue, Kaleb asks the employee to speak again. We only have drinks available right now. Can I help, the employee enquires?

The employee replies that there isn't "anything else available yet, and our fry station is being cleaned for morning" at the fast food business.

Even though the employee had earlier informed him that McDonald's didn't provide food, the inventor lists off-menu items to see whether they were still accessible, including fries, apple pie, and an egg.

She says, "Sir, we're making breakfast. If I can bring you something, I will; if not, I am powerless to do so. You're working hard, Kaleb says over the worker's shoulder.

His video has garnered more than 263,000 views and has drawn criticism in the comments.

Many people complained that Kaleb was being unfair to the McDonald's employees. Kaleb received a "Karen" call. Uninspected frozen pizza is being recalled here.