LeBron James'may' want to collaborate with the Boston All-Star, according to Lakers rumours

According to NBA source Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson, LeBron James and Celtics forward Jaylon Brown may try to form a partnership.

At least one more season with the Lakers is left for LeBron James. Although he is presently LA's eligible for a contract extension, his future with the Lakers is still quite uncertain.

It is difficult to imagine that James would leave the Lakers and a city where, by all accounts, he is content to reside.

LeBron, however, has never been reluctant to switch teams if he thinks his current environment won't provide him a chance to win the championship.

He is also among the pioneers of joining other All-Stars to increase his chances of winning the title.

Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson, an NBA source, acknowledged LeBron's fondness for Boston Celtics All-Star forward Jaylen Brown on Monday.


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