Best weight-loss protein foods.

Three ounces of tuna offers 22 grammes of protein and 100 calories. Tuna has 94% protein and 6% fat, mostly heart-healthy omega-3s linked to weight reduction.

Popular protein-packed chicken breast. 90% protein, 20 g every 3-oz meal, 1 g fat. Chilli powder and cumin or rosemary and garlic may add variety to chicken breasts.

Salmon.Wild Atlantic salmon delivers 17 grammes of protein and anti-inflammatory omega-3s every 3-ounce meal.

Eggs.One big egg has six grammes of protein, from the white and yolk. The yolk contains vitamins A, D, E, and K plus choline, which is needed for a healthy metabolism

Yogurt.Greek yoghurt provides twice as much protein as normal yoghurt. Greek yoghurt includes 23 grammes of protein and a fourth of your daily calcium requirements per cup

Shrimp is 85% protein per 3-ounce serving. Cholesterol-rich shrimp doesn't raise blood cholesterol. Shrimp is a quick weekday protein. Click Here Happiness tips