Bad Bunny is the first African-American musician to be voted The best New Artist at the Video Music Awards.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Bad Bunny was the first musician whose native language was not English to get the "artist of the year" title.

The reggaeton performer was at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx when he learned of his victory.

Following Bad Bunny's victory, Carmelo Anthony, an NBA veteran and fellow Puerto Rican, presented him with the Moonman trophy.

Following Camila Cabello of Cuba's win in 2018, Puerto Rico's star has now joined the pantheon of Latin music's most coveted awardees.

In front of tens of thousands of fans at Yankee Stadium, Bad Bunny spoke about the importance of remaining true to oneself and one's music despite success.

In Spanish, he expressed his thanks for the honour, adding, "From my heart, I don't have words to convey what I feel and the delight of receiving this at Yankee Stadium."