A lady at the Las Vegas airport stated she must be quite attractive

Last week, 8 News Now reported on the 28-year-old woman's arrest at the airport in Las Vegas.

She reportedly told cops it was all because she was "great looking," according to reports.

The woman is currently under investigation for airport misbehaviour after reportedly neglecting to pay her food bill.

A 28-year-old woman was detained last week on suspicion of failing to pay her portion of the bill at a restaurant, according to a police record that local media was able to get.

Hend Bustami told 8 News Now that she was harassed by police because they "had never seen anybody as lovely looking" as her before her arrest.

Bustami, according to the news source, is accused of skipping out on paying the bill at the Chili's restaurant at Harry Reid International Airport. She is being charged with violating airport protocol.


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