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NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr.'s home was broken into, and two members of a religious group that supports the sovereign citizen movement were arrested.

According to WBTV, the pair allegedly broke into the Mooresville, North Carolina house and have been squatting there. The house is currently listed for $15,995,000.

Darius Trrone Hall, 29, is accused of breaking and entering, as well as two counts of aiding a minor's delinquency, carrying a concealed weapon, and second-degree trespassing.

Nataijah Shaieena Fields, 37, was charged with breaking and entering, two counts of assisting a minor's delinquency, and second-degree trespassing.

Hall and Fields are members of the Moorish Nation, a religious movement with Islamic roots that was founded in the 1920s.

In accordance with the sovereign citizen movement, some members engaged in hostile occupation of real estate.