2022 MLB rule revisions 

Baseball is back! This is how baseball fans around the world feel as spring training gets underway and the regular season draws near.

The CBA negotiation was excruciating to watch

UDH. I'm in the minority because I don't like this change in the law.

The National League's playing style required more preparation, strategy, and bench players.

Postseason got bigger. Baseball's 162-game grind is beautiful in that the top teams advance to the postseason.

I'm not sure whether it should be increased because baseball has the longest schedule and the fewest postseason games.

This CBA clause is advantageous. To reduce stadium time, the seven-inning doubleheaders from the previous two seasons have been dropped.

After 2022, there won't be a "Manfred" runner on second in extra innings.

The first six options will be decided by lottery starting in 2023. All 18 non-playoff clubs are going to be allowed.